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Clara, 38 years old

Great discover! Before finding out Wanderoo, I used to organize my travels independently but it took a lot of time and I was afraid of making mistakes. With Wanderoo, I had answered an easy survey in 5 minutes and then received an itinerary which was rich of tailored advices given by a Japan’s Expert . Fantastic!



Marta, 30 years old

Quality assurance. Following a friend’s advice, I tried Wanderoo for my honeymoon, an important travel for me and I didn’t want to make mistakes. A Travel Advisor who was expert about Indonesia realized for me an itinerary full of advices which were perfect for our needs, he really understood my travel style.



Antonella, 45 years old

I wasn’t sure but I decided to try Wanderoo for my family travel in London. A fantastic surprise, I will never organize a travel without them. I received a tailored itinerary with really specific advices fitting perfectly with our needs. It was a privilege to have all the days already organized by an expert of London and I hadn't spent a minute of my free time to organize the travel. Super!!


USA on the road

Federico, 25 years old

Great service!! Thanks to Giulia, the Wanderoo Travel Advisor who was expert about USA and was always at our disposal, our travel has been really perfect! We received a tailored itinerary with times of travel, the best means of transport, restaurants, museums, places to visit and a lot of other advices. It has been a great travel and we have avoided the stress and time lost organizing the travel by ourselves.



Silvia, 39 years old

Thanks to Wanderoo we have discovered a new way of travelling, different from the mainstream ways and so beautiful because only the best experts of our destination gave us advices for the travel. It’s so useful and comfortable, we saved a lot of time and did a great travel. I surely recommend Wanderoo.



Elena, 53 years old

I didn’t know it would be possible to organize a tailored travel without wasting a minute of time, then a friend of mine suggests me Wanderoo. Just 5 minutes to answer some questions about my travel style and, in a few days, I received a tailored itinerary made by an expert of Usa. Unforgettable vacancy!!



Davide, 26 years old

I tried Wanderoo for my travel in China last year. In a few days I received a super-detailed planning, I saved a lot of time and visited some hot spots that otherwise, I would have missed because only those who have been there before could know them.



Alba, 19 years old

This is a great service! The website is so easy to use and, in the itinerary, you find everything you need for a perfect travel. Perfectly made daily maps that allow you to visit everything it’s worth. I am really happy to have learnt about Wanderoo, the most comfortable way of travelling.



Marilena, 24 years old

Tailored and clear guide that complied with the request. Everything you need to know is inside the itinerary, you can’t make mistakes. I will use Wanderoo again and again.



Sara, 18 years old

I discovered Wanderoo because of my boyfriend, I tried it for my vacancy in Zante and I loved it. A great and fast service, fair price and fantastic customer care!

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