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Tell us your travel preferences

1 Tell us your travel preferences

Click ok get started and tell us your travel style in 2 minutes.
We would like to know you better so we can create an itinerary which is tailored on your specific needs.

Choose the plan you prefer and pay

2 Choose the plan you prefer and pay

The Travel Advisor who is most expert on your destination will contact you by mail so you will be able to pay, answer the last questions and confirm the request.

Get your travel itinerary and book

3 Get your travel itinerary and book

In a few days, you will get, by mail, your tailor-made itinerary for a great travel experience. Are you curious? Look at an example. You can freely choose what to book and what not.
You can choose what to book or not.

Always by your side, before and during your travel

4 By your side, before and during your travel

Your Travel Advisor will be at your disposal before the departure if you want to review the itinerary and during your travel if you want to call or text him for some additional advices.

The best advices for a unique travel.

Your Premium itinerary for only 12€ 5,99€ per day of travel

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Why should you choose Wanderoo?

Save your time

Save your time

Did you know that it takes more than 30 hours for organizing a travel independently?
Save this amount of time and relax while we organize everything for you.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Our team composed of more than 100 expert Travel Advisors will help you living a great travel experience without bad surprises and without risking to lose something beautiful.

Everything tailored

Everything tailored

No standard itineraries, no mainstream information. You won’t receive just a preventive but a rich document full of exclusive and tailored advices for an unforgettable vacancy.

More than 500 destinations

500+ destinations

Whichever is your dream destination, we have a Travel Advisor in our team who knows it perfectly. If you don’t know where to go, we advise you with the best solution for your needs.

Our team of Travel Advisors

They will create your itinerary and ensure you a fantastic experience

La community dei Tavel Advisor Wanderoo
Meet our Travel Advisors

What is a Wanderoo Itinerary?

A day-by-day travel itinerary tailored for your needs and style, realized by the Travel Blogger who best knows your destination.

You will find advices on the best hotel, flight to book and all the most interesting point of interests to see once in the destination: museums, beaches, monuments, restaurants.

Everything will be organized in daily maps so you will know in advance times of travel and the best means of transport.
No disappointments, only the best.

Our plans

Why shouldn’t you organize your travel with a travel agency?
Because we have a solution tailored for every need.

If you have doubts or questions drop us a chat message or contact us by email.

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